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In the Wind Artist’s Collective

Mission Statement

In the Wind is an artist’s collective that aims to bring together various artists, writers and performers to talk about and show their work. This is a gathering of people who seek ways to publish writing, show and sell art, and/or prepare performances for the public.

We look to create networks of artists, writers and musicians.

We seek venues to show and perform writing, music and art.

We document our work and make it available online wherever possible/ desirable.

We work on the building of collections to make it easier to show and sell.

We practice public conversation about our work.

Most importantly we get together as writers, artists and musicians and work together to make and show even better pieces and projects.


Participate in a space where others interested in the arts gather with the aim to:

a) Inspire creativity in one another

b) Collaborate

c) Work in co-operation together

d) Share resources

e) Find venues for art shows, art openings and have regular public events.

f) Focus on marketing of art and performance.

g) Create opportunity for the sharing of art online.

h) Create and build collections of our work.

i) Archive recordings and videos of work.

j) Build and share skills.

k) Fundraise.

l) Work to educate ourselves and others.

Art shows/ performances

Present art shows and performances on a regular basis that include the work of several artists. These could be in very public venues and marketed to maximize attendance. The art shows could be complimented by musical performances, and readings from writers and poets. These can be seen as an opportunity to promote artistic work and sell pieces of art, recordings and books.

Online Collection

Would build website where all kinds of art are made visible to the community. This can include photos of visual art, recordings of musical and literary performances and the publishing of written work. This process could allow for linking to multiple complimentary sites.

Publishing Material

There are many barriers preventing fabulous writers from publishing. The gathering of performers, writers and publishers of different kinds can remove these barriers and help find expertise and funding for a variety of publishing projects.

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